Charging a USB device such as a smartphone or iPhone

You can charge a USB device, such as a smartphone or iPhone, by connecting it to the speaker via USB. Even if the speaker is not connected to an AC outlet, its built-in battery can supply power to a USB device.

  1. Connect a USB device, such as a smartphone or an iPhone, to the PLAY/CHARGE port (USB1) or the CHARGE port (USB2) with a USB cable (commercially available).

  2. Turn on the speaker.

    The (power) indicator lights up in green and the speaker starts supplying power to the connected USB device for battery charging.

About the feed current

The feed current is adjusted to one of the 3 currents (1.5 A/1 A/0.5 A) in accordance with the number of connected USB devices and the sound volume of the speaker.

While USB devices are connected concurrently to the USB1 and USB2 ports, however, the feed current in total for 2 ports is limited to the maximum of 2 A.


  • While the speaker is supplying power to the other device, the Auto Standby function is turned off.

  • While the speaker is running only on power from the rechargeable built-in battery, power supply to the connected USB device will stop if the speaker is turned off.

  • Do not charge the speaker's built-in battery in places where the speaker is likely to have water splashed on it. The supplied AC power cord (mains lead) as well as the jacks and ports (AC IN/USB/AUDIO IN/MIC/GUITAR) behind the cap are not designed for water resistant.

  • After you disconnect the USB cable from the speaker upon completion of battery charging, be sure to close the cap securely. The cap plays a very important role in maintenance of the water resistant performance.