Selecting the BLUETOOTH audio streaming playback quality (Codec)

The “Priority on sound quality” and “Priority on sound connection” modes are available as options for the playback quality of BLUETOOTH audio streaming. “Priority on sound quality” enables you to perform playback settings of, not only SBC, but also AAC and LDAC, so that you can enjoy high quality sound via BLUETOOTH connection, whereas “Priority on sound connection” provides you more stable BLUETOOTH audio streaming. “Priority on sound quality” is the default setting.

Supported Codecs

  • Priority on sound quality (default setting): Optimal codec is automatically selected from AAC, LDAC, and SBC.

  • Priority on sound connection: SBC is selected.

  1. Connect the speaker to an AC outlet with the supplied AC power cord (mains lead).


    • Do not turn on the speaker. Before changing the sound quality, make sure that the speaker is turned off.

  2. Change the sound quality.

    When using the buttons of the speaker

    1. While holding the + (volume) button, press the(BLUETOOTH) button until the(BLUETOOTH) indicator flashes in blue.

      When the setting is changed to the “Priority on sound connection” mode, the(BLUETOOTH) indicator flashes 3 times in blue.

      When the setting is changed to the “Priority on sound quality” mode, the(BLUETOOTH) indicator flashes twice in blue.

    When using “Sony | Music Center

    1. Press the(power) button to turn on the speaker.


      • Speaker operations with “Sony | Music Center” are available even while the speaker is running on power from the rechargeable built-in battery.

    2. Pair the speaker with a BLUETOOTH device, such as a smartphone.

      When a BLUETOOTH connection is established, you hear voice guidance (BLUETOOTH connected) from the speaker.

    3. Tap [Music Center] on your smartphone, etc. to start up the application.

      Music Center

    4. Tap [SRS-XP700] or [SRS-XP500].

    5. Tap [Settings] - [Other Settings] - [Bluetooth Connection Quality], and then select [Priority on Sound Quality] or [Priority on Sound Connection] as a codec.


  • Noise or sound interruption may occur in the [Priority on Sound Quality] mode, depending on the setting of your BLUETOOTH device and ambient conditions. In this case, change the speaker to the [Priority on Sound Connection] mode.