Connecting with a USB device

Compatible USB devices

  • USB devices compliant with USB Mass Storage Class

  • USB devices formatted with the FAT (except exFAT) file system

Some USB devices may not work with the speaker even if the devices meet the above conditions.

Using iPhone/iPod touch devices via a USB connection is not supported.


  • When USB cable connection is necessary, use the USB cable supplied with the USB device. See the operating instructions supplied with the USB device for details on the operation method.

  • Do not connect the speaker and the USB device through a USB hub.

  • When the USB device is connected, the speaker reads all the files on the USB device. If there are many folders or files on the USB device, it may take a long time to finish reading the USB device.

  • With some connected USB devices, there may be a delay before an operation is performed by this speaker.

  • Compatibility with all encoding/writing software cannot be guaranteed. If audio files on the USB device were originally encoded with incompatible software, those files may produce noise or interrupted audio, or may not play at all.

  • This speaker does not necessarily support all the functions provided in a connected USB device.

  1. Connect a USB device to the PLAY/CHARGE port (USB1).