Listening to the DAB/DAB+ Radio

Press HOME, then touch [DAB+].


  • Set [Antenna Power] to [ON] (default) or [OFF] depending on the type of DAB antenna (aerial) (not supplied).
  • When [DAB+] is selected for the first time after performing the factory reset, the auto tune starts automatically. Allow the auto tune to finish. (If interrupted, the auto tune will start again the next time you select [DAB+].) If no DAB station is stored by the auto tune, tune by touching [Auto Tune] of (list).

Reception controls/indications

Illustration of the DAB/DAB+ radio screen

A. (list)

Open the station list.

B. Current band

Change the band (DAB1, DAB2 or DAB3).

C. Station group name, station name

D. (DAB Options)

Open the DAB Options menu.


Search for stations.

F. / (left/right)

Search for station groups.
(Available only when [Seek By] is set to [Station Gp].)

G. Preset numbers

Select a preset station. Swipe right/left to show the other preset stations.
Touch and hold to store the current station in that preset.