Playing a USB Device

MSC (Mass Storage Class) type USB devices*1 compliant with the USB standard can be used. MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) type USB devices*1 *2 can be used only when connected to the USB port 2.

*1 e.g., a USB flash drive, digital media player, Android™ phone

*2 Some digital media players or Android phones may require setting to MTP mode.


  • For details on the compatibility of your USB device, visit the support site.
  • Check the supported file formats for USB playback.
  1. Turn down the volume on the unit.
  2. Connect the USB device to the USB port 1 or the USB port 2.
  3. Press HOME, then touch [USB port 1] or [USB port 2].
    Playback starts.

To remove the USB device

Turn the unit off or turn the ignition switch to the ACC off position, then remove the USB device.