Visual Settings (Visual)


Changes the wallpaper by touching the desired color or sets your favorite photo data in a MSC (Mass Storage Class) type USB device as a wallpaper.
(Available only when photo data are JPEG files of 6 MB or less.)
To set a photo data
When connecting the USB device to the USB port 1, [You can import a photo from a USB device] appears on the screen.
Touch [Import], and select your favorite photo.

Dimmer for Monitor & Illum.

Dims the display and the button illumination: [OFF], [Auto], [ON].
([Auto] is available only when the illumination control lead is connected and works when the head light is turned on.)
(register/setup) adjusts the brightness level when the dimmer is activated: -5 to +5.

Illum. Level on Monitor OFF

Dims the button illumination when the monitor is turned off: [OFF], [1], [2], [3], [4].