General Settings (General)


Selects the display language: [English], [Español], [Français], [Deutsch], [Italiano], [Português], [Русский], [ไทย], [], [简体中文], [繁體中文], [한국어], [Indonesia].


Activates the demonstration: [OFF], [ON].


Item Detail
Set Date/Time Sets the date and clock time: [Auto(RDS)], [Manual].
(XAV-AX5550D(EUR)): [Auto(DAB)], [Manual].
Date Format Selects the format: [DD-MM-YYYY], [MM-DD-YYYY], [YYYY-MM-DD].
Time Format Selects the format: [12-hour], [24-hour].


Activates the operation sound: [OFF], [ON].

Rear View Camera

Selects the image from the rear view camera: [OFF], [Normal], [Reverse] (mirror image).
[Guide Line Adjust] adjusts the guide on the picture from the rear view camera.
Touch the near side or far side (red portions) of the guide to adjust.

Illustration indicating how to adjust the rear view camera

Touch /// (left/up/right/down) to adjust the guide position, and touch (inward) or (outward) to adjust the guide width.

Steering Control

Selects the input mode for the connected remote control. To prevent a malfunction, be sure to match the input mode with the connected remote control before use.

Item Detail
Custom Input mode for the steering wheel remote control (follow the procedures of (register/setup) to register functions on the connected remote control).
Preset Input mode for the wired remote control excluding the steering wheel remote control.
(register/setup) The steering button screen appears.
Press and hold the button you want to assign to the steering wheel. The button on the screen lights up (standby).
Press and hold the button on the steering wheel you want to assign the function to. The button on the screen will change the color (highlighted or encircled by an orange line).
To register other functions, repeat steps and .

(Available only when [Steering Control] is set to [Custom].)


  • While making settings, the connected remote control cannot be used even though some functions have already been registered. Use the buttons on the unit.
  • If an error occurs while registering, all the registered information is cleared. Restart registration from the beginning.
  • This function may not be available on some vehicles. For details on the compatibility of your vehicle, visit the support site.

Driving Position

Selects the driving position to optimize usability of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto: [Left Side], [Right Side].

Tuning Steps (XAV-AX5500(E)/XAV-AX5500(E17)/XAV-AX5500(IN))

Sets the FM/AM tuning step of your country: [50kHz/9kHz], [100kHz/10kHz], [200kHz/10kHz].

SXM Reset (XAV-AX5500(UC))

Initializes the SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner settings (preset channels/parental lock): [Reset], [Cancel].

Factory Reset

Initializes all the settings to the factory settings.

Firmware Version

Updates and confirms the firmware version.

Open Source Licenses

Displays the software licenses.