Available Operations During a Call

To adjust the ringtone volume

Press VOL(volume) +/– while receiving a call.

To adjust the talker’s voice volume

Press VOL(volume) +/– during a call.

To adjust the volume for the other party (Mic gain adjustment)

During a handsfree call, touch (option), then set [MIC Gain] to [High], [Middle], or [Low].

To reduce echo and noise (Echo/noise canceler mode)

During a call, touch (option), then set [Speech Quality] to [Mode 1] or [Mode 2].

To switch between handsfree mode and handheld mode

During a call, touch (speaker/phone) to switch the phone call audio between the unit and mobile phone.


  • Depending on the mobile phone, this operation may not be available.

To answer an incoming call automatically

Touch (option), then set [Auto Answer] to [ON].