Listening to music of a USB device

The system supports the following audio file formats.

  • MP3: file extension [.mp3]

  • WMA: file extension [.wma]

  • AAC: file extension [.m4a/.mp4/.3gp]

  • WAV: file extension [.wav]

  1. Press FUNCTION/PAIRING repeatedly until the USB indicator on the system lights up.
  2. Connect a USB device to the(USB) port.
  3. Press(play/pause) to start playback.


  • Once the system and the USB device are connected, you can control playback by pressing(play/pause), and(previous)/(next).


  • This system cannot play audio files on the USB device in the following cases;

    • when the total number of audio files on a USB device exceeds 999.

    • when the number of folders on a USB device exceeds 75 (including the “ROOT” folder and empty folders).

    These numbers may vary depending on the file and folder structure. Do not save other types of files or unnecessary folders on a USB device that has audio files.

  • The system can play back to a depth of 8 folders only.

  • Folders that have no audio files are skipped.

  • Note that even when the file name has the correct file extension, if the actual file differs, the system may emit noise or malfunction.