Connecting this system with multiple BLUETOOTH devices (Multi-device connection)

Up to 3 BLUETOOTH devices can be connected to the system at the same time. When one of the devices starts playing back while playing back music on another device, the system switches the output and starts outputting the sound from the newly connected device.

  1. To pair with a second or third device, repeat stepstoof Pairing and connecting with BLUETOOTH devices.

To disconnect any BLUETOOTH device from a multi-device connection

Terminate the BLUETOOTH connection on the BLUETOOTH device that you want to disconnect.

To disconnect all BLUETOOTH devices from a multi-device connection

Press(power) to turn off the system.


  • Operations may vary depending on the BLUETOOTH devices. A BLUETOOTH device may not be connectable depending on the combination of devices. For details, refer to the operating instructions for the devices.

  • If you try to connect a 4th BLUETOOTH device, the oldest playback device will be disconnected.

  • Depending on the BLUETOOTH devices, you may not be able to make three BLUETOOTH connections at the same time.

  • You cannot establish a multi-device connection when using the Wireless Party Chain function, Speaker Add function or hands-free call function.