USB-DAC screen in “Music player”

You can use the player as a USB-DAC device. Use this function to listen to music content on a computer.

To switch to the USB-DAC function

On the library screen in the “Music player”, tap [USB DAC].

  1. Library top button

    Tap to turn off the USB-DAC function.

  2. Input signal lamp

    The lamp indicates the presence and quality of the input signal.

    • Lights up in green: PCM signal
    • Lights up in blue: DSD signal
    • Off: No signal is detected.
  3. Sound quality of the input signal (codec, sampling frequency, quantization bit rate)

  4. Back button

    Tap to turn off the USB-DAC function.

  5. Options button

Option menu

Tap (Options) to display the option menu.

Select the item to display the Settings menu for “Music player”.


  • Swipe the USB-DAC screen upwards if you want to adjust the sound.

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