Before first use

Thank you for purchasing a player.

  • For information on laws, regulations, and trademark rights, refer to “Important Information” in the internal memory of your unit. To read it, copy the [Important_Information] file to your computer, and follow the steps below.
    Double-click the [Important_Information] file. Then, select a language.
    For some languages not listed, equivalent content is provided in print.
  • Before you start using the player, read the topics under [Related Topic].
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  • All other trademarks and registered trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. In this manual, TM and ® marks are not specified.
Before you start using the player, check the following information.

Model names

Several model names appear in this [Help Guide]. Some models are not available depending on the country or region where you purchased the player.

Computer system requirements

When you connect the player to a computer, check the computer system requirements.

Battery charging

The battery might be low when you use the player for the first time. Charge the battery before use.

microSD cards

The following memory cards are referred to as [microSD cards] in this [Help Guide].

  • microSD cards
  • microSDHC cards
  • microSDXC cards

Images and illustrations

  • The screen images and illustrations in this [Help Guide] are for reference only. They may differ from the actual product or onscreen display.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the home screen images in this [Help Guide] are images of the [WALKMAN Home] screen.

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.