Installing Music Center for PC (Windows)

Music Center for PC is a recommended application for Windows computers. Before you transfer music content from a Windows computer to the player, install Music Center for PC on the Windows computer.
Ensure that the software version of Music Center for PC is 2.5 or later. In earlier versions, Music Center for PC will not recognize the player.

You can use Music Center for PC to perform the following operations.

  • Importing music content from CDs to a computer.
  • Organizing and managing the content.
    For example, you can create playlists.
  • Transferring content on a computer to the player.

Confirm the system requirements before you install Music Center for PC.

  1. Access the Music Center for PC download website.
  2. Install Music Center for PC.

    For details on installation, see [Download] – [Installation procedure] on the Music Center for PC support website. (

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