Switching the home screen

This player has two home screens.

  • Android Home screen: Default Android Home screen
  • [WALKMAN Home] screen: Home screen customized for music playback

Set either of the two home screens as the main home screen. The main home screen appears when you tap the (home) button. The [WALKMAN Home] screen features the Music player widget so that you can control music playback without launching an app. We recommend setting the [WALKMAN Home] screen as the main home screen.
You can also switch between the two home screens at any time.

Set the main home screen

  1. On the home screen, hold down an empty space.

  2. Tap [Home settings] - [Select Home screen].

  3. Select the desired home screen, and then tap [OK].


  • If you select [Page 2 (WALKMAN® Home)] for [Select Home screen] during the initial setup, the [WALKMAN Home] screen will be set as the main home screen.

Switch the home screen

  1. Swipe the home screen to the left or right.

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