Cannot hear a person during a call/low voice from callers, your voice does not reach the person during a call/your voice is low on the caller’s side.

  • If the size of the earbud tips does not match the size of your ear canals or the headset is not worn properly in your ears, you may not obtain the correct sound qualities or call performance.
    If any of this is the case, try the following.
    • Check that you are wearing the headset properly in your ears. Wear the headset so that the earbud tip is comfortably situated as deep in the ear canal as possible.
  • Check that both the headset and the connected device are turned on.
  • Turn up the volume of the connected device and the volume of the headset if they are too low.
  • When you use the video calling application, open the settings (*) of the video calling application, and check that the speaker or microphone setting is specified as [Headset (WI-C100 Hands-Free)](**). When the settings of the video calling application cannot be checked or calling connections [Headset (WI-C100 Hands-Free)] cannot be selected, select [Headset (WI-C100 Hands-Free)] on the settings of your computer to make connections.

    *Depending on the video calling application you are using, this function may not be available.

    **Names may vary according to the computer or the video calling application you are using.

  • Use the Bluetooth device to re-establish the connection. Select HFP or HSP for the profile.
  • If you are listening to music with the headset, stop playback and press the (call) button to respond to an incoming call.
  • Reset the headset.
  • Initialize the headset, and pair the headset and the device again.