Preventing unintentional operations (HOLD)

You can lock the Walkman to prevent accidental button operation.

  1. Slide the switch ().
    The HOLD function is enabled. You cannot operate the buttons on the Walkman or the touch screen. Only the button () is active and you can use it to perform the following operations.
    • Turning the screen on or off.
    • Turning on the Walkman (2 seconds).
    • Restarting the Walkman (8 seconds).

To enable the screen operation

You can enable the touch-screen operation while the HOLD function is active.

  1. Tap the menu items in the following order.

    – [Settings] – [Device Settings] ([Basic Settings]).

  2. Tap [Disable touch panel when the HOLD switch is on] to remove a check mark.

    If you want to prevent accidental touch-screen operations, add a check mark again.


  • Slide the switch () in the opposite direction of the arrow to release the HOLD function.
  • While the HOLD function is active, will flash when you operate a button.
  • When the HOLD function is enabled, you cannot turn off the Walkman. Release the HOLD function.

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