The Walkman cannot play transferred content.

Try the following measures.

[Cannot play; file format is not supported.] appears on the screen.

The Walkman only plays content in compatible formats (bitrate, etc.).

For details on supported formats, refer to the specifications section of the [Help Guide] or the model website.

Make sure that the Walkman supports the format of the content you are trying to play.

When you cannot find the transferred content on the Walkman.

  • Content may be transferred to folders or locations that the Walkman cannot access. This may happen when you drag-and-drop the content using Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Transfer the content to the appropriate folder or location.
  • When you transfer audio content in the MP4 format, drag-and-drop the content into the [MUSIC] folder on the Walkman.
  • If you have performed one of the following operations on a computer, the content may not be recognized on the Walkman. In this case, change the file name or file location back to the original name or location.

    • You changed the file name of content on the Walkman.
    • You changed the location of content on the Walkman.
  • If you formatted the memory of the Walkman in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, format the memory using the menu on the Walkman.

The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.