Battery life

Music (Approx.)

  Stereo Mini-jack Balanced Standard-jack
MP3 (128 kbps) 30 hours 25 hours
AAC (256 kbps) 27 hours 23 hours
FLAC (96 kHz/24 bit) 26 hours 23 hours
FLAC (192 kHz/24 bit) 23 hours 20 hours
DSD (2.8224 MHz/1 bit) 19 hours 13 hours
DSD (5.6448 MHz/1 bit) 15 hours 12 hours
DSD (11.2896 MHz/1 bit) 13 hours 10 hours

Bluetooth (Transmitter mode) (Approx.)

MP3 (128 kbps) / SBC - Connection Preferred 25 hours
FLAC (96 kHz/24 bit) / LDAC - Connection Preferred (Auto) 14 hours

Bluetooth (Receiver mode) (Approx.)

SBC (Connection Preferred) 11 hours
LDAC (Sound Quality Preferred) 10 hours


  • The values shown in this topic are the approximate battery life when content is played continuously at the default settings.
  • Even if the player is turned off for an extended period, a small amount of battery power is still consumed.
  • Battery life may vary depending on volume setting, conditions of use and ambient temperature.
  • The battery is consumed considerably when the screen is on.
  • The battery life may become about 55 % shorter when some of the sound quality settings are active.
  • A Bluetooth connection will shorten the battery life by up to 65 % depending on the following conditions.
    • Format of the content.
    • Settings of the connected device.

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