Settings menu

You can adjust various settings from the Settings menu.

To enter the Settings menu, tap and then [Settings].

You can select the Settings menu on the following screen.

  • Library screen
  • Playback screen
  • Play Queue screen
  • Bookmark list screen

Basic Settings

Playback Settings Play Mode
Playback Range
Sleep Timer
Artist List Display
Display Lyrics
Output Settings Headphone Output
USB Output for DSD
DSD Playback Settings
Device Settings Beep Settings
Disable touch panel when the HOLD switch is on
Screen Off Timer
Mount/Unmount SD Card
USB Connection Settings
Auto Power Off
Battery Care
Clock Settings
Language Settings
Text Input


  • Operating sounds ([Beep Settings]) are not output in the following situations.
    • While the Walkman is playing DSD tracks in the native format through balanced headphones. ([Play DSD in Native Format] is on.)
    • While sound is being played back via a connected Bluetooth device.
  • The Walkman does not display a clock. The clock setting is used for data management.


Direct Source (Direct) (On/Off)
Sound Settings Equalizer/Tone Control
DC Phase Linearizer
Dynamic Normalizer
Vinyl Processor
Saved Sound Settings Saved Sound Settings 1/2/3
Guide to High Quality Sound


Connect to/Add Audio Device On/Off
Add Device (Pairing)
Added Devices
Audio Device Connection Settings Wireless Playback Quality
Use Enhanced Mode
Added Devices - Bluetooth Receiver
Receiver Playback Quality Sound Quality Preferred
Connection Preferred
Remote Control Settings (*1) On/Off
Added Remote Control
Add Remote Control
Delete Remote Control
NFC (On/Off)
Bluetooth Information Bluetooth Version/Device Name/Bluetooth Device Address/Profile/Version

*1The menu item is only available on models sold in certain countries or areas.

Function Settings

USB DAC Settings Charge this player from the connected device


Unit Information Model name, firmware version, total number of tracks, etc.
Certificates (*1) Safety regulations/certification

*1The menu item is only available on models sold in certain countries or areas.

The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.