Connecting the Walkman to an unpaired smartphone for the first time

You can use the Walkman to listen to music from a smartphone through a Bluetooth connection (Bluetooth Receiver function).
Connect headphones to the Walkman to listen to the music.

When you connect a smartphone for the first time, you must register the Walkman and the smartphone to each other. This registration is called “pairing”. Once you have paired the Walkman and the smartphone, you can easily connect the devices in the future.

The following instructions are a basic step-by-step procedure for connecting the Walkman and a smartphone.

Before you start, terminate the Bluetooth connection on the smartphone if the Walkman is already connected to another smartphone.

  1. Set the smartphone to the pairing mode.
  2. On the library screen of the Walkman, tap .
  3. Confirm the message and tap [OK].
    The Walkman will switch to the Bluetooth Receiver function.
  4. Tap [Add Device (Pairing)].

    The Walkman is ready for pairing.

  5. Select the name of the Walkman on the smartphone screen.

    Once the Walkman has connected to the smartphone, the codec () and the name of the smartphone () will appear.

  6. Play a track on the smartphone.

To turn off the Bluetooth Receiver function

Tap in the top left of the Bluetooth Receiver screen. Then, tap [OK] when a message appears. The Walkman will return to the music playback function.

To erase the registration of a smartphone

Perform the following operations on the Bluetooth Receiver screen. You can erase the registration of a smartphone from the Walkman.

  1. Tap the menu items in the following order.

    – [Settings] – [Added Devices - Bluetooth Receiver] ([Bluetooth]).

  2. Tap next to the name of the smartphone whose registration you want to erase. Then, select [Delete Device].

  3. Follow the onscreen instructions.


  • You can pair with only one smartphone at a time. If you want to pair with multiple smartphones, repeat the procedure in this topic.
  • You can control the music playback on the smartphone by operating the playback operating buttons on the Walkman.
  • You can listen to playback from a smartphone with the sound quality settings on the Walkman.
  • The Walkman stays connected to the smartphone until you turn off the Bluetooth Receiver function. To conserve the battery power, turn off the Bluetooth Receiver function or terminate the Bluetooth connection with the smartphone.
  • If the volume is low and you hear noise while you are using the Bluetooth Receiver function, try the following. First, turn the volume up to the maximum on the smartphone. Then, adjust the volume on the Walkman.


  • Pairing information is deleted in the following situations. Pair the devices again.

    • One or both of the devices are reset to the factory settings.
    • Pairing information is deleted from the devices, such as when the devices are repaired.
  • If pairing information for the smartphone is deleted from the Walkman, but pairing information for the Walkman remains on the smartphone, delete the information from the smartphone. Then, register the Walkman and the smartphone to each other again.
  • The battery life becomes considerably shorter when the Bluetooth Receiver function is active.
  • You can pair the Walkman with a maximum of 7 devices. If the number of paired devices exceeds the maximum, the Walkman will delete the oldest connected device.
  • If the pairing times out before it is finished, perform the procedure again starting from the Bluetooth Receiver connection screen.
  • You cannot use the Bluetooth Receiver function while any of the following functions is active. Turn off the function and switch to the Bluetooth Receiver function.
    • USB-DAC function
  • If sound is interrupted or skips during a Bluetooth connection, try the following.

    • Place the Walkman and the smartphone closer together.
    • Select [Connection Preferred] by tapping the following menu items.
      – [Settings] – [Receiver Playback Quality] ([Bluetooth]) – [Connection Preferred].
      Then, terminate the Bluetooth connection and reconnect to the smartphone to apply the new setting.
  • A Bluetooth connection is terminated automatically in the following cases:

    • The battery of the Walkman has run out.
    • The Walkman is turned off.
  • If you receive an incoming call to the smartphone while the Bluetooth Receiver function is active, the voice of the caller will be output from the smartphone. You may hear the ring tone, depending on the specifications of the smartphone.

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