Using [SensMe™ Channels]

The [SensMe™ Channels] function automatically groups tracks by theme. You can play tracks to suit your mood, current activity, the time of day, and more.

To use the [SensMe™ Channels] function on the Walkman, tracks must be analyzed by Music Center for PC before you transfer the tracks. To analyze tracks, activate the 12 TONE ANALYSIS function on Music Center for PC. The tracks that are imported to Music Center for PC will be automatically analyzed and the results will be set to the tracks. For details on operation, see the Music Center for PC support website.

  1. On the library screen, tap [SensMe™ Channels].


  • [SensMe™ Channels] can be used for tracks that were transferred from applications that support the 12 TONE ANALYSIS technology (developed by Sony).
  • When you open a channel using the [SensMe™ Channels] function or switch to a different channel, the track is played starting from the most melodic or rhythmical section.
  • Tracks are played in random order. Each time you select a channel, the order of playback will be different.


  • The Walkman only displays channels that contain tracks.

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