Use this manual when you have trouble or when you need to know how to use your WALKMAN®.

The color of Walkman sold in some countries/regions may differ from those shown above.

This “Help Guide” offers information for the latest version of the Walkman system software.
Update the system software to the latest version to enjoy the latest features.

Features added to Ver. 1.1.0

aptX HD has been added to the compatible Bluetooth codec.

Features added to Ver. 2.00

The Bluetooth Receiver function has been added.

Vinyl Processor has been added to the sound quality settings.

Digital Peak Meter has been added to the layout options for the playback screen.

A function for manually adding cover art images to albums has been added.

[Edit Playlist Name] has been added to the Pop-up menu in the Library screen.

[Text Input] has been added to the [Device Settings] menu under [Basic Settings].

The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.