Managing bookmarks on the Walkman

You can add your favorite tracks to bookmark lists. Up to 10 bookmark lists are available. Up to 999 tracks can be added to a bookmark list.

This topic includes instructions for the following operations.

  • Adding tracks to bookmark lists.
  • Listening to bookmarked tracks on the Walkman.
  • Removing tracks from a bookmark list on the Walkman.

Adding tracks to bookmark lists

  1. Perform one of the following.

    • While the Walkman is playing or pausing a track that you want to bookmark:
      On the playback screen, tap and then [Add to Bookmark List].
    • When a list (track list, album list, play queue, etc.) is displayed:
      Tap beside the desired item in the list to display the pop-up menu. Then, tap [Add to Bookmark List].

    The bookmark list selection screen will appear.

  2. Select the desired bookmark list.


  • You can add a whole list to a bookmark list. When the play queue screen or the bookmark list screen is displayed, tap and then [Add All Songs to Bookmark List].
  • You can change the order of tracks in a bookmark list.
    Select a bookmark list. Tap and then [Edit Song Order]. Drag-and-drop to rearrange the tracks. Tap [Complete] to save the order of tracks.


  • You cannot import bookmark lists to a computer.

Listening to bookmarked tracks on the Walkman

  1. Display the bookmark list screen.

  2. Tap / to select a list, and then select a track.

Removing tracks from a bookmark list on the Walkman

  1. Tap beside the track in a bookmark list.

  2. Tap [Delete from Bookmark List].


  • You can remove all the tracks from a bookmark list.

    On the bookmark list screen, tap and then [Delete All].

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