Auto Standby function

The system enters standby mode automatically in about 15 minutes when there is no operation or audio signal output. At the time of purchase, the Auto Standby function is set to on.


  • The Auto Standby function does not work in the following cases:

    • during TUNER FM function.

    • when the Sleep Timer is activated.

    • when an external device is connected to the MIC1 jack or the MIC2/GUITAR jack.

    • when the system is a Party Guest for the Wireless Party Chain function or the Guest system for the Stereo Pair function.

To turn off/on the Auto Standby function

  1. Press OPTIONS.

    The options menu appears on the display.

  2. Press(up)/(down) repeatedly to select [AutoSTBY], then press(enter).

  3. Press(up)/(down) repeatedly to select [ON] or [OFF], then press(enter).

To exit the options menu



  • [AutoSTBY] flashes on the display about 2 minutes before the system enters standby mode.