Using Gesture Control to operate playback, DJ Effect, sampler, and karaoke (GESTURE 1)

When the system is in GESTURE 1 mode, you can select from the following modes.

  • PLAYBACK mode

  • DJ mode

  • SAMPLER mode

  • KARAOKE mode

For PLAYBACK mode:

You can control basic playback when playing music from a disc, USB device, or BLUETOOTH device.

To Swipe in this direction
Go backward swipe left
Go forward swipe right
Play swipe up
Stop swipe down
Increase volume swipe clockwise
Reduce volume swipe counter clockwise

For DJ mode:

You can select a DJ Effect to create a party atmosphere.

To Swipe in this direction
Select FLANGER *1 swipe left
Select ISOLATOR *2 swipe right
Select WAH *3 swipe up
Select PAN *4 swipe down
Increase the level of the selected effect swipe clockwise
Reduce the level of the selected effect swipe counter clockwise

*1 Creates a deep flanging effect that is similar to the roar of a jet plane.

*2 Isolates a specific frequency band by adjusting the other frequency bands. For example, when you want to focus on vocals.

*3 Creates a special effect of “Wah-wah” sound by moving the frequency of a filter up and down automatically.

*4 Creates a feeling that the sound is moving around the speakers between left and right channels.

To turn off the DJ Effect

Swipe your hand over the GESTURE CONTROL sensor in the same direction as when you have selected the DJ Effect.

For SAMPLER mode:

You can output sampler sound effects installed on the system.

To Swipe in this direction
“Come On!” swipe left
“Let’s Go!” swipe right
Reggae Horn sound effect swipe up
Phaser sound effect swipe down
Scratch sound effect swipe clockwise
Audience sound effect swipe counter clockwise

To adjust the level of the sampler

  1. Press OPTIONS.

  2. Press(up)/(down) repeatedly to select [SAMPLER], then press(enter).

  3. Press(up)/(down) repeatedly to adjust the sampler sound level, then press(enter).

For KARAOKE mode

You can operate the following karaoke features.

To Swipe in this direction
Reduce the key of a song ((flat)) swipe left
Increase the key of a song ((sharp)) swipe right
Increase the microphone volume swipe up
Reduce the microphone volume swipe down
Output hand clapping sound swipe clockwise
Output booing sound swipe counter clockwise