Singing and competing in Karaoke (Karaoke Ranking)

You only can use the scoring function (Score mode) when the microphone is connected. Your score is calculated from a scale of 0 to 99 by comparing your voice with the music source.

  1. Establish a BLUETOOTH connection between the system and your smartphone/iPhone.
  2. Launch “Sony | Music Center” and touch the “Fiestable” icon.
  3. Touch [Karaoke].
  4. Touch [Scoring Start].
  5. Start playing the music on the system and sing a song.
  6. Touch [Mic Level], [Echo], [Key Control], or [Vocal] on the app screen and adjust the slider to change the microphone volume level, echo intensity, pitch, or vocal/non-vocal setting in accordance with your preferences.
  7. After singing for more than a minute, touch [Scoring Stop] to view your score.

    Your score will be shown on the app screen. If your score is in the top 10 ranking, the app will prompt you to input your name and song name. You can enter up to 16 alphanumeric characters for the player name and up to 24 alphanumeric characters for the song name.

    Then, your ranking will be displayed.

    The song name may be automatically extracted from the source if you play the source from smartphone apps.

To reset the ranking

Touch the Ranking icon on the app screen.

The Ranking list appears. Touch the reset icon to reset the list.


  • If your score is 0, it will not be ranked.

  • The Karaoke Ranking does not work in the following cases:

    • When the microphone is not connected to the system.

  • The Karaoke Ranking is automatically turned off when:

    • You disconnect the microphone from the system.

    • You press FUNCTION to change the function.