About messages

One of the following messages may appear or flash on the display during operation.

Message Cause
  • A disc that cannot be played back was inserted.

  • A DVD VIDEO with unsupported region code was loaded.

CODE 01/SGNL ERR An unsupported audio signal is input from the connected TV’s HDMI IN (ARC) connector. (See No TV sound is heard from the system. [CODE 01] and [SGNL ERR] appear on the display..)
  • The file is created in unsupported format.

  • The file extension does not match the file format.

DEVICE ERROR The USB device could not be recognized or an unknown device is connected.
DEVICE FULL The memory of the USB device is full.
ERASE ERROR Erase of audio files or folders on the USB device failed.
FATAL ERROR The USB device was removed during transfer or erase operation, and may have been damaged.
FOLDER FULL You cannot transfer onto the USB device because the number of folders has reached its maximum.
NoDEVICE No USB device is connected or unsupported device is connected.
NO DISC There is no disc in the system.
NO MUSIC No supported audio files exist in the playback source.
NO SUPPORT An unsupported USB device is connected, or the USB device is connected through a USB hub.
NO VIDEO No supported video files exist in the playback source.
NOT USE You tried to perform a specific operation under conditions where that operation is prohibited.
OVER CURRENT An over current from the(USB) port was detected.
PROTECT The USB device is write-protected.
PUSH STOP You tried to perform an operation that can be performed only when the playback is stopped.
READING The system is reading information of the disc or USB device. Some operations are not available.
REC ERROR The transfer did not start, stopped partway, or otherwise could not be performed.
TRACK FULL You cannot transfer onto the USB device because the number of files has reached its maximum.