Using Voice Control via “Fiestable”

You can operate the system by speaking preset voice commands that appear on your smartphone/iPhone screen.


  • Supported languages are as follows:

    English/Brazilian Portuguese/French/German/Italian/Polish/Russian/Spanish

  • If your smartphone/iPhone is set to an unsupported language, the list of preset voice commands will be displayed in English.

  1. Establish a BLUETOOTH connection between the system and your smartphone/iPhone.

    Make sure your smartphone/iPhone is connected to the Internet.

  2. Launch “Sony | Music Center” and touch the “Fiestable” icon.
  3. Touch [Voice Control via Fiestable].

    The preset voice commands appear on the app screen.

  4. Touch the microphone icon on the app screen.

    The system is muted. Speak into the microphone of your smartphone/iPhone. Your voice will be sent to an online speech to text conversion service. When the conversion completes, the command will be sent back to the system. Muting is canceled and the system will respond according to the command.


  • The Voice Control via “Fiestable” does not work in the following cases:

    • The built-in sound demonstration is turned on.

    • When you open the disc tray.

    • During USB transfer or erase operations.

    • When the online speech to text conversion service is not available, terminated or the connection failed.

    • When your smartphone/iPhone microphone is being used by other application.