What you can do with “Fiestable”

“Fiestable” is an app for operating Sony audio devices compatible with “Fiestable” from smartphones, iPhone, etc.

Operations that can be performed on the system with “Fiestable”

  • DJ Control

    You can add more DJ Effects and sampler sound to the source played back on the system.

  • Illumination

    You can control lighting of the system with more settings.

  • Karaoke

    You can activate various Karaoke features.

  • Motion Control

    You can operate the system by shaking the smartphone, iPhone, etc.

  • Voice Control

    You can operate the system by speaking preset voice commands into smartphone/iPhone microphone.

  • Party Light

    You can synchronize the screen illumination of multiple smartphones/iPhone with the lighting of this system.

  • Party People ranking

    You are ranked based on the usage frequency of the system.

  • Karaoke Ranking

    You can sing Karaoke and compete with others to achieve top 10 ranking.

  • Party Playlist

    You and your guests can add favorite songs to a playlist from multiple BLUETOOTH devices.


  • What you can control with “Fiestable” varies depending on the connected device. The specification and design of the app may change without notice.

    Be sure to use the latest version of the app.