What you can do with “Sony | Music Center”

“Sony | Music Center” is an app for controlling Sony audio devices which are compatible with “Sony | Music Center” using your smartphone/iPhone.

For details about “Sony | Music Center,” refer to the following URL:


Operations that can be performed on the system with “Sony | Music Center”

  • Changing functions of the system

  • Browsing music content of a disc and USB device

  • Viewing information of a disc, USB device, and FM station

  • Adjusting the volume

  • Controlling the playback of a source in smartphone or iPhone

  • Controlling the playback of a disc and USB device

  • Tuning into an FM station and presetting the stations

  • Changing sound settings, DJ Effect, and MEGA BASS

  • Setting the Sleep Timer

  • Setting the lighting mode

  • Grouping with other audio systems (Stereo Pair function / Wireless Party Chain function)

, etc.


  • What you can control with “Sony | Music Center” varies depending on the connected device. The specifications and design of the app may change without notice.

  • Be sure to use the latest version of the app.


  • If “Sony | Music Center” does not work properly, press BLUETOOTH/PAIRING on the system to terminate the BLUETOOTH connection, then perform the BLUETOOTH connection again so that the BLUETOOTH connection functions normally.