Send to Smartphone

With Imaging Edge Mobile, you can transfer still images, XAVC S movies, slow-motion movies, or quick-motion movies to a smartphone and view them.

  1. Display the image that you want to transfer on the playback screen.
  2. MENU(Network) → [Transfer/Remote][Send to Smartphone][Select on This Device] → Select [This Image].
    The QR code is displayed on the monitor of the camera.

  3. Launch Imaging Edge Mobile on your smartphone, and select [Connect with a new camera].
  4. Scan the camera’s QR code with your smartphone while displaying the [Connect using the camera QR Code] screen on the smartphone.
    Once the QR code is read, [Connect with the camera?] will appear on the smartphone.
  5. Select [OK] on the smartphone.
    The camera and your smartphone will be connected, and the image will be transferred.
    • You can transfer multiple images at once by selecting a setting other than [This Image] in [Select on This Device].

Menu item details

Select on This Device:
On the camera's monitor, select an image to be transferred to the smartphone.

(1) Select from among [This Image], [All Images in This Group], [All with this date] or [Multiple Images].

  • The options displayed may differ depending on the View Mode selected on the camera.

(2) If you select [Multiple Images], select the desired images using the center of the control wheel, then press MENU[Enter].

Select on Smartphone:
Displays all images recorded on the camera’s memory card on the smartphone.


  • For connection methods other than using the QR code, refer to “Related Topic” at the bottom of this page.


  • You can select an image size to be sent to the smartphone from [Original], [2M] or [VGA]. Start Imaging Edge Mobile, and change the image size by [Settings][Image Size for Importing].
  • RAW images are converted to JPEG format when they are sent.
  • Depending on the smartphone, the transferred movie may not be played back correctly. For example, the movie may not play smoothly, or there may be no sound.
  • Depending on the format of the still image, movie, slow-motion movie, or quick-motion movie, it may not be possible to play it back on a smartphone.
  • This product shares the connection information for [Send to Smartphone] with a device that has permission to connect. If you want to change the device that is permitted to connect to the product, reset the connection information by following these steps. MENU (Network) → [Wi-Fi][SSID/PW Reset]. After resetting the connection information, you must register the smartphone again.
  • When [Airplane Mode] is set to [On], you cannot connect this product and the smartphone. Set [Airplane Mode] to [Off].