FEL lock

still image, movie

The flash level is automatically adjusted so that the subject gets the optimum exposure during normal flash shooting. You can also set the flash level in advance.
FEL: Flash Exposure Level

  1. MENU (Setup) → [Operation Customize][Custom Key Setting]→ desired button, then assign the [FEL Lock toggle] function to the button.
  2. Center the subject on which FEL is to be locked, and adjust the focus.

  3. Press the button to which [FEL Lock toggle] is registered, and set the flash amount.
    • A pre-flash flashes.
    • The (FEL lock) lights up.
  4. Adjust the composition and shoot the image.

    • When you want to release the FEL lock, press the button to which the [FEL Lock toggle] is registered again.


  • By setting [FEL Lock hold], you can hold the setting while the button is pressed down. Also, by setting [FEL Lock/AEL hold] and [FEL Lock/AEL tggle.], you can shoot images with the AE locked in the following situations.
    • When [Flash Mode] is set to [Flash Off] or [Autoflash].
    • When the flash cannot go off.
    • When using an external flash that is set to manual flash mode.


  • The FEL lock cannot be set when a flash is not attached.
  • If a flash that does not support the FEL lock is attached, an error message is displayed.
  • When both AE and FEL lock are fixed, (AE Lock/FEL Lock) icon lights up.