About the indicator

You can check various statuses of the headset by the indicators.

: Turns on in blue/: Turns on in red/-: Turns off

Turning on

- (flashes two times)

Turning off

(lights for about two seconds)

BLUETOOTH status indication

The indicator of the left unit lights up or flashes.

  • Pairing mode

  • Not connected

    - - - - - - (about one-second intervals)

  • Connection process completed

    (flashes quickly for about five seconds)

  • Connected

    - - - (about five-second interval) - - -

    The indicator turns off after 60 seconds. By operating a button, the indicator flashes again.

  • Incoming call

Remaining battery charge indication

  • High

    - - - -

  • Medium

    - -

  • Low (needs to charge)

For details, refer to “Checking the remaining battery charge.”


  • While charging


  • Initialization completed

For details, refer to “Initializing the headset to restore factory settings.”


  • When the remaining battery charge becomes low, the indicator turns from blue to red, except for pairing mode.