About voice guidance

You hear voice guidance in the following situations via the left unit of the headset.

  • When powering on: “Power on”
  • When powering off: “Power off”
  • When entering pairing mode: “BLUETOOTH pairing”
  • When establishing a BLUETOOTH connection: “BLUETOOTH connected”
  • When disconnecting a BLUETOOTH connection: “BLUETOOTH disconnected”
  • When the connection between the left unit and the right unit is established: “Battery level high” / “Battery level medium” / “Battery level low”
  • When automatically turning off due to the low battery condition: “Please recharge headset”
  • When turning on the noise canceling function: “Noise canceling”
  • When turning on the Ambient Sound Mode: “Ambient sound”
  • When turning off the noise canceling function and the Ambient Sound Mode : “Off”