Turning the power off (standby mode)

  1. Press the (power)/ PAIRING button.

    The (power) indicator flashes slowly in green. When the indicator lights up in red, the speaker enters the standby mode.


  • If you turn off the speaker when it is connected to an AC outlet via the USB AC adaptor, and while the BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode is on, the (power) indicator lights up in orange and the speaker enters the BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode.


  • If you turn off the speaker while the LINK indicator is flashing, the (power) indicator may flash for several tens of seconds. This is not a malfunction. Wait until the indicator stops flashing. While the (power) indicator is flashing, the speaker is not operational. Wait until the indicator stays lit.
  • If the speaker has been turned off for 30 hours without charging, it will enter the power saving mode, and the (power) indicator will be off. To cancel the power saving mode, press and hold the (power)/ PAIRING button for more than two seconds, or connect the speaker to an AC outlet via the supplied USB AC adaptor and micro-USB cable. In this case, it will take about 15 to 30 seconds to start up the speaker. You cannot make a BLUETOOTH connection between the speaker and another NFC-compatible device by one touch (NFC) when the speaker is in the power saving mode. After the (power) indicator starts flashing by turning on the speaker, touch with a smartphone again.