Setting up a Google Account

Set up a Google Account to use services provided by Google. You can register multiple accounts on the player. You can also register an existing Google Account, such as the account that you use on your computer.

You can create a new Google Account for free. Having a Google Account allows you to enjoy services as follows.

  • Installing apps from Google Play.
  • Using apps such as e-mail and calendar.
  1. Turn on the Wi-Fi function to connect the player to the internet.
  2. Swipe the [WALKMAN Home] screen upwards.
  3. Tap [Settings].
  4. Open the account menu, and add an account.
    Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setting.


  • Ensure that the player is connected to the internet through a Wi-Fi network when you perform the following.
    • Setting up a Google Account.
    • Signing in to a Google Account.

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