Zoom Assist

Zooms out temporarily and displays wider area when shooting a subject at the telephoto end (T end) of the zoom range. Quickly locates subjects you have lost track of and makes it easier to compose your shot. Be sure to assign the [Zoom Assist] function to a key using [Custom Key] or [Custom Key] in advance.

  1. Hold down the key to which you have assigned [Zoom Assist].
    The zoom scale will become lower and the shooting screen display will zoom out. The angle of view before the key was pressed is displayed as a frame (A: zoom assist frame).

  2. Compose your shot so that the subject fits inside the zoom assist frame, and release the key.
    The previous zoom scale is restored and the area inside the zoom assist frame is displayed full-screen.


  • You can change the size of the zoom assist frame by using the standard zoom function while pressing the key to which [Zoom Assist] has been assigned. After you release the key, the zoom scale changes to the new size of the zoom assist frame.
  • You can change how much to zoom out by selecting MENU (Camera Settings2) → [Rng. of Zoom Assist].


  • If you press the shutter button all the way down while pressing the key, the previous zoom scale will not be restored and shooting will be performed with the angle of view set during zoom assist.
  • When you use the [Zoom Assist] function during movie shooting, the captured area is not displayed inside the zoom assist frame but on the screen. In addition, the zoom sound may be recorded.