Connecting Your Computer and the Turntable

Connect your computer and the turntable as illustrated below:

  1. Use the USB cable supplied with the turntable to connect the computer and the turntable.


  • The USB output signals from the turntable can be used only for recording, not for playback.
  • Do not use a USB hub or a USB extension cable for connection. Be sure to use the supplied USB cable and directly connect your computer and the turntable.
  • Be sure to insert the USB cable plug straight and all the way into the USB port. Do not force it obliquely into the port as it may cause malfunctions.
  • When you do not intend to record audio tracks onto your computer, it is recommended that you disconnect the USB cable from the turntable. With the computer connected to the turntable via the USB port, playback with another connected audio device may produce noise.
  • While the turntable and your computer are connected with the USB cable for recording, regardless of the PHONO/LINE switch selection on the back of the turntable, playing a vinyl record sends audio data optimized by the turntable's equalizer to the USB port on the computer.
  • To listen to the on-going recordings on the computer connected to the turntable, use the built-in speakers of the computer or connect a pair of headphones to the computer. If the computer has any USB audio devices, except for the turntable, connected, disconnect them all.