Operation Flow from Recording to Editing to Saving

The following describes a series of operations for using Hi-Res Audio Recorder to record audio tracks of a vinyl record to the temporary file, edit the temporary file, and then save the audio tracks as recorded files on your computer.

  1. Turn on the turntable.

    For detailed information, see “Step 1. Turning On the Turntable.”

  2. Start Hi-Res Audio Recorder on the computer.

    For detailed information, see “Step 2. Starting Hi-Res Audio Recorder .”

  3. Play a vinyl record and record its audio tracks to the temporary file with Hi-Res Audio Recorder.
  4. Edit the temporary file by adding markers or adjusting the signal level (gain).
  5. Export the temporary file to save on the computer.
  6. To record the B side of the vinyl record following the A side, turn over the record and start the recording.

    Click [File] - [New] on the menu bar of the Hi-Res Audio Recorder window, and then repeat steps 3 through 5.


  • You can also record both A and B sides of the vinyl record consecutively and then edit and export the temporary file by following the steps below.

    • When you are finished with recording the A side in step 3 above, click the(Pause Recording) button.
    • Turn over the record and follow steps 3 through 5.