About notes and notice on software

Notes on the License

This product contains software that Sony uses under a licensing agreement with the owner of its copyright. We are obligated to announce the contents of the agreement to customers under requirement by the owner of copyright for the software.

Please access the following URL and read the contents of the license.


Notice on GNU GPL/LGPL applied software

This product contains software that is subject to the following GNU General Public License (hereinafter referred to as “GPL”) or GNU Lesser General Public License (hereinafter referred to as “LGPL”). These establish that customers have the right to acquire, modify, and redistribute the source code of said software in accordance with the terms of the GPL or LGPL supplied. The source code for the above-listed software is available on the Web.

To download, please access the following URL then select the model name “SRS-RA5000”.

URL: http://oss.sony.net/Products/Linux/

Please note that Sony cannot answer or respond to any inquiries regarding the content of the source code.

Disclaimer regarding services offered by third parties

Services offered by third parties may be changed, suspended, or terminated without prior notice. Sony does not bear any responsibility in these sorts of situations.