On safety

Should any solid object or liquid fall into the product, unplug it and have it checked by qualified personnel before operating it any further.

On power sources

  • Before operating the product, check that the operating voltage is identical with your local power supply.

    The operating voltage is indicated on the nameplate on the bottom of the product.

  • The product is not disconnected from the AC power source (mains) as long as it is connected to the wall outlet, even if the product itself has been turned off.

  • If you are not going to use the product for a long time, be sure to disconnect it from the wall outlet. To disconnect the AC power cord, grasp the plug itself; never pull the cord.

On placement

  • Do not set the product in an inclined position.

  • Place the product in a location with adequate ventilation to prevent heat buildup and prolong the life of the product.

  • Do not place the product near heat sources, or in a place subject to direct sunlight, excessive dust, or mechanical shock.

  • Do not place anything on top of the product that might cause malfunctions.

  • Use caution when placing the product on surfaces that have been specially treated (with wax, oil, polish, etc.) as staining or discoloration of the surface may result.

On operation

Before connecting other equipment, be sure to turn off and unplug the product.

On cleaning

Clean this product with a soft cloth slightly moistened with a mild detergent solution. Do not use any type of abrasive pads, scouring powder, or solvents, such as thinner, benzine, or alcohol.

If you have any questions or problems concerning this product, please consult your nearest Sony dealer.