Adjusting the playback speed – the DPC (Digital Pitch Control) function

You can adjust the playback speed in a range from 0.25 times to 3.00 times. Changing the playback speed does not affect the playback audio. Files will play in natural tones, thanks to digital processing.

You can also change the playback speed while your IC recorder is in the “Transcription Playback Mode.”

  1. While playback is on standby or in progress, press DPC (Digital Pitch Control).
    The DPC (Speed Control) setting screen is displayed.

  2. Press or to adjust the playback speed.

    The speed decreases by 0.05 times (from x 0.25 to x 1.00).

    The speed increases by 0.10 times (from x 1.00 to x 3.00).

    When you press and hold either button, you can change the speed continuously.

    The playback speed is set to “x 1.00” by default.

  3. Press or to select “ON.”
  4. Press to set the playback speed.


  • To resume the normal playback speed, select “OFF” in step 3.
  • You can select the playback speed as follows:
    • 1.00 times - 0.25 times: FLAC files with the sampling frequency at 88.2 kHz or higher
    • 2.00 times - 0.25 times: LPCM files with the sampling frequency at 88.2 kHz or higher
    • 3.00 times - 0.25 times: other than the above