Additional operations available during recording

You can perform the following operations during recording.

To pause a recording

Press souni_recREC/PAUSE.

While a recording is paused, the recording indicator flashes in red and flashing appears on the display window.

If you leave the recording paused for 1 hour, it will stop automatically.

To restart the recording from a pause

Press souni_recREC/PAUSE again.

The recording restarts from the paused point. (To completely stop recording after you paused the recording, press souni_stopSTOP.)

To review the ongoing recording from the beginning

While recording is on standby, press .

The recording stops and plays from the beginning.


  • You can turn on the Cross-Memory REC function to automatically switch the file storage destination folder to the alternate memory storage and keep recording when the capacity of the built-in memory or the microSD card is used up. [Details]