Selecting the sound effect (Effect)

You can set the sound effect suitable for playing music files or recorded files.

  1. While playback is on standby or in progress, select “Effect” on the OPTION menu, and then press .

  2. Press or to select the desired sound effect, and then press .

Description of menu items

You can select one of the following items:

Turns off the Effect function (default setting).
Pop ():
Emphasizes middle ranges, ideal for vocals.
Rock ():
Emphasizes high and low ranges for a powerful sound.
Jazz ():
Emphasizes high ranges for a lively sound.
Bass1 ():
Emphasizes the bass sound.
Bass2 ():
Emphasizes the bass sound even more.
Custom ():
You can design your own sound effect by customizing five frequency band levels.


  • The Effect function does not work for audio playback with the built-in speaker.