Selecting the backlight setting (Backlight)

You can select a period of time to turn on the backlight of the display window or select the backlight to stay unlit.

  1. Select “Settings” - “Backlight” from the HOME menu, and then press .

  2. Press or to select the desired setting, and then press .
  3. Press and hold BACK/HOME to return to the HOME menu.

    To return to the screen before you displayed the HOME menu, press souni_stopSTOP.

Description of menu items

You can select one of the following items:

The backlight stays unlit.
The backlit lights for 20 seconds when you operate your IC recorder (default setting).
The backlit lights for one minute when you operate your IC recorder.
The backlight stays lit.


  • When “Always-ON” is selected, the battery quickly runs out of power.


  • When “Always-ON” is selected, the backlight still goes out in order to save battery power if your IC recorder is left unused for one minute after playback or recording is placed on standby.