The effect of noise canceling is not sufficient.

  • Make sure that the noise canceling function is turned on.
  • When you feel the noise canceling function and low frequency sound are insufficient, change the earbuds to ones that feel more sealed.
    When changing the earbuds, try the earbud sizes in order from the larger sizes to the smaller sizes.
    The size of the left and right earbuds may be different.
  • Adjust the headset into a comfortable position.
  • The noise canceling function is effective in low frequency ranges such as airplanes, trains, offices, near air-conditioning, and is not as effective for higher frequencies, such as human voices.
  • Check that the Adaptive Sound Control is turned off.
    Check the setting of the Adaptive Sound Control on the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app. When the Adaptive Sound Control is turned on, the noise canceling function may become insufficient.