What is noise canceling?

The noise canceling circuit actually senses outside noise with built-in microphones and sends an equal-but-opposite canceling signal to the headset.


  • The effect of noise canceling may not be pronounced in a very quiet environment, or some noise may be heard.
  • When you are wearing the headset, depending on how you wear the headset, the effect of noise canceling may vary or a beeping sound (feedback) may be heard. In this case, take off the headset and put it on again.
  • The noise canceling function works primarily on noise in the low frequency band such as vehicles and air conditioning. Although noise is reduced, it is not completely canceled.
  • When you use the headset in a car or a bus, noise may occur depending on street conditions.
  • Mobile phones may cause interference and noise. Should this occur, move the headset further away from the mobile phone.
  • Do not cover the microphones on the left and right units of the headset with your hands. The effect of noise canceling or the Ambient Sound Mode may not work properly, or a beeping sound (feedback) may occur. In this case, remove your hand, etc. from the left and right microphones.

    Illustration indicating the locations of the microphones (A) on the headset

    A: Microphones (left, right)