Using Game enhancer while playing

You can customize various settings while playing a game.
  1. While playing a game, tap (Floating icon).

    Image of the game screen with the Game enhancer menu icon displayed.

  2. In the menu that opens, tap and configure the desired settings.

    Image of the Game enhancer menu.

    • [Game mode]: Select an option to optimize your device for gaming from among [Performance preferred], [Balanced], [Battery life preferred], and [Custom].
      If you select [Custom], tap (Settings icon) to customize the settings. Tap [Preview] to customize settings while testing out the actual game controls. You can also drag and move the setting window to the desired position.
      You can also set the following items.
      • [Optimize touch area]: Restrict the touch area in the landscape mode.
      • [H.S. power control]: Limit reductions in performance and degradation of the battery caused by the device overheating during charging. While the Game enhancer app is running, the battery will not charge if [H.S. power control] is set to on.
    • [Focus settings]: Focus on your game by blocking notifications, incoming calls, the camera key, and other settings that may compromise gameplay.
    • [Display & Sound]: Adjust the colors, display effects of displayed content, and sounds while playing a game.
    • [Multitasking]: View a website or use other apps. You can search for strategy information while playing a game.
    • [Screenshot]: Take a screenshot. You can also take a burst of screenshots and capture a decisive moment in a game.
    • [Record]: Record and share your gameplay, face, and commentary.

To switch the menu type

The menu type can be switched between (Pull-down bar) and (Floating icon).

  1. Tap (Floating icon) > (Game enhancer settings icon) > [Menu type], and then select an option.

To view a web site or use other apps while playing a game

  1. While playing a game, tap (Floating icon) > [Multitasking].
  2. Tap [WEB], [YouTube], or [APPS].
    • To minimize the [Multitasking] window, tap (Minimize button).
    • To go back to the menu, tap (Back button).
    • When you select an app in [APPS], the app opens in the pop-up window.

      Image of the pop-up window while playing a game

      Tap the pop-up window to display operation icons.

      Image showing where each icon is located in the pop-up window while playing a game. Right side from top to bottom, 1 to 6.

      1. Drag to resize the window.
      2. Drag to move the window.
      3. Display the Game enhancer menu.
      4. Tap to minimize the window.
        To reopen the pop-up window, tap (Floating icon) or pull down (Pull-down bar).
        If you switch to another screen such as the Home screen while the window is minimized, the app will be displayed as an icon.
      5. Tap to maximize the window.
        To return the window to its previous size, tap (Return to the previous size icon) while the window is maximized.
      6. Tap to close the window.

To improve the microphone sound quality when voice-chatting

The other party will hear your voice more clearly during voice chat. Adjust the setting according to your mic type. This function only works when a headset is connected to the 3.5 mm audio jack of your device.

  1. While playing a game, tap (Floating icon) > [Display & Sound].
  2. Under [Optimize V.C. microphone] select an option.


  • In the menu with (Show details button) in the upper right of the screen, tap (Show details button) to view descriptions of settings.
  • You can preset up to 4 settings each for [Image quality settings] and [Audio equalizer]. By selecting a preset according to your gaming situation, you can apply the appropriate settings. To preset settings or select a preset for [Audio equalizer], tap the [Audio equalizer] switch to enable the setting. To change the name of a preset, tap (Edit icon) (maximum of 4 characters).
  • You can drag and move (Floating icon) to the desired position, such as the edge of the screen.
  • The STAMINA mode is turned off while you use the Game enhancer app. If you want to give priority to the battery life, set [Game mode] to [Battery life preferred].