Diagram of front view showing each part by number. Upper part, from left to right, 1 to 6. Right side, from top to bottom, 7 to 10. Bottom side, from right to left, 11 to 13.

Diagram of rear view showing each part by number. Upper part, from left to right, 14 to 20. Upper right area, 21. Right side, 22. Center area, 23. Upper left area, 24. Bottom area, 25.

  1. Headset jack
  2. Front camera
  3. Ear speaker/Second loudspeaker
  4. Proximity/Light sensor
  5. Second microphone
  6. Charging/Notification light
  7. Volume/Zoom key
  8. Power key/Fingerprint sensor
  9. Google Assistant key


    • The feature of the Google Assistant key differs in some countries/regions.
  10. Camera key
  11. Main loudspeaker
  12. USB port/Charger

    You can view the screen of your device on a TV or other large display device using a USB Type-C® cable.

    You can also access the internet via a LAN cable by using a commercially available USB-LAN adapter.


    • When you connect your device to a TV or other large display using a USB Type-C cable, the cable must be compatible with the display port standard. Note that some functions or content on your Xperia device may not be displayable on the TV or display device.
    • Some USB-LAN adapters may not work properly.
  13. Main microphone
  14. Laser AF sensor
  15. Flash LED
  16. RGBC IR sensor
  17. Main camera
  18. Cellular antenna
  19. NFC detection area
  20. Cellular/Wi-Fi antenna
  21. Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/GPS antenna
  22. Nano SIM/Memory card slot
  23. Wireless charging coil
  24. Cellular antenna
  25. Cellular antenna