Using the Split-screen mode

Split-screen mode enables you to view two applications at once, for example, if you want to view your photos and the Calendar at the same time.

Image of split-screen and components, showing each part by number. Upper half, 1. Border, 2. Lower half, 3. Bottom area from right to left, 4 and 5.

  1. Application 1
  2. Split-screen border – Drag to resize windows
  3. Application 2
  4. Home button – Go back to the Home screen
  5. Back button – Go back to the previous screen


  • Not all applications support split-screen mode.

To resize the split-screen windows

  1. Drag the split-screen border in the center.

To exit the split-screen mode

  1. Drag the split-screen border to the top or bottom of the screen.